A Stress-Free Transaction for You

The Most Effective Marketing Plan in the Industry

Relax, we take care of all the details on the sale of your property … and we only get paid when we bring you the results you are looking for!

81) Take the uncertainty out of selling your home with our NO-SHACKLE GUARANTEE — giving you peace of mind when selling your home. If I don’t perform, FIRE ME!

82) We will keep you updated on a specific day every week.

83) Easy transition for your family by providing you with home showing guidelines based on your own lifestyle, with the least amount of disruption to you.

84) Monitoring continuously and gather information to help assess your needs and goals, and adjust accordingly as they happen.

85) Our responsibility is to provide the buyer(s) mistake-free disclosures on your behalf that will allow you to sell with no surprises and unexpected costs at closing.

86) Provide you with relocation information if needed after your sale and coordinate the exact date and times of the moving process with no surprises or cancellations.

87) For the safety of your house and family, install and monitor a secure Supra Lockbox that only allows agents with qualified buyers to view your home accompanied.

88) Set up home with a Home Warranty, if you choose, to protect your home during the listing period and offer it to buyers as enticement.

89) Pre-qualify and screen agents who bring buyers to your home — buyers that are 100% fully approved to buy a home in your price range.

90) Our responsibility is to find a buyer who is 100% approved to obtain their mortgage loan and has complete motivation to buy your house.


My home didn’t appraise for its purchase price. Now what? We help you avoid appraisal pitfalls.

91) Coordinate scheduling of appraisal and supply comparable sales if needed.

92) We’ll prepare a detailed list of comps used and highlight the changes you’ve made to your property to assist the appraiser with value validation.

93) When the home appraisal comes in below the negotiated sales price, we will challenge the appraisal by providing justification and review comps used.

94) Monitor Buyer’s Loan Process and require proper documentation from lender in a timely manner.

95) Set up final walk-through and negotiate on your behalf any last details that surfaced during final inspection.

96) Assure contract is clear for closing and coordinate all utilities transfers.

97) Monitor and review all taxes, private charges, pay-offs and fees to be online with the ratified contract and assure all charges are legit.

98) Thank you! Your house is now SOLD!