Preparing & At Your Home

The Most Effective Marketing Plan in the Industry

My marketing plan starts at your home. There is much that goes into preparing your home; I also focus a portion of my marketing at the actual home.

1) Provide you with specific and strategic guidance on what you should do (and not do) prior to placing your home on the market.

2) Home Staging — To ensure the “wow factor,” we pay for a professional staging consultation to prepare your home for sale.

3) Professional Color Photography — Take full-color, high-definition digital photographs of the inside and outside of your home for marketing flyers, advertisements and the Internet. Only the best photos highlighting the features of your home will be placed online or in any publications.

4) Visual Tour Presentation — We will produce and upload a virtual home tour of your home and use the power of social media to market it in-depth for buyers looking online.

5) Provide a detailed Home Evaluation and make suggestions on how to make your home more appealing to buyers to maximize showing potential.

6) Create a professional ad copy to engage potential buyers to your house.

7) Assess the best features of your home for amplification methods.