Behind the Scenes – Everything Else I do For You

The Most Effective Marketing Plan in the Industry

There’s so much more marketing that I do for you to get your home sold.

64) Download all disclosures and pertinent information to assist interested parties. 

65) Create brochures with walkability factors: restaurants, parks adn schools perfect to attract Millennial buyers.

66) Research competitive homes that are currently on the market and the ones under contract to strategize the position of sale on your home.

67) Research expired homes and discover the reasons why they have expired. Analyze their strategies to avoid doing the same mistakes for that particular neighborhood or area as applicable.

68) Research competitive homes that have sold in the past six months in order to increase the chances of your home being sold for top dollar.

69) Prevent mistakes and research tax records to verify full and complete legal information and make it available to prospective buyers and buyer agents on the MLS printout.

70) Monitor continuously and gather information to help assess the needs of potential buyers and adjust accordingly as they happen.

71) Automatic report complete with showings information, feedback, competition assessment and general guidance to adjust the position of your listing.

72) We give you an edge over the competition by utilizing the latest techniques in home showings, scheduling and feedback monitoring offline and online.

73) Present all offers and review important details and pitfalls with you.

74) Determine the best negotiating position to maximize sale, based on your current situation and motivation. 75)We quickly and efficiently request feedback from every agent that brings a buyer, so we can adjust our strategy accordingly.

76) We gather all of this information to help position your home to sell before the competition.

77) Evaluate all contingencies to obtain the best leverage possible and counter (if applicable) with the right arguments and details for their acceptance.

78) Prepare a net sheet with estimate closing costs to avoid surprises at the closing table.

79) Negotiate and coordinate scheduling of property inspections, wood pest/termite, etc. to benefit you as the seller.

80) Create a WIN-WIN situation between you and my brokerage, while maintaining the highest ethical and moral status. My obligation is to win the best possible terms for you!